It’s been a long time

Hello friends! I know it’s been a good long while since I’ve posted. Honestly, I’ve struggled with some serious depression the last few years. Life has certainly not been easy.

I had a 1000+ word post written up last night. Letting you all know what’s been going on in this crazy world we all live in. When it came time to edit it today and post it I realized that I hadn’t saved it!! How frustrating!

There’s no way that I can rewrite all those words and relive all those emotions that came rushing to the surface while I was doing the writing.


H got clean in early 2011 and came home, pregnant. I was there with her when my beautiful grandson was born. She did really well for over a year then relapsed. Got clean, relapsed. Rinse and repeat.

They live with us. When she is using she stays away. My grandson is three now. Smart and healthy and well-loved. They live here so that I can ascertain whether she is using and I can be sure that he is safe and well.

But I am tired. And sometimes in the darkest hours when everyone is asleep and there is no one to hear, I cry.

It never ends.

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One Response to It’s been a long time

  1. Renee says:

    At least you were able to get out 1000 words of venting for yourself, even if it wasn’t saved. Maybe it wasn’t saved so you could let it all go. I also am have been depressed for some time now and the older I get the worse it gets. I a grateful that my son has not fathered a child and i admire you for making sure your grandson is not having to be fully exposed to the addiction. God Bless You!

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