To my daughter

Once upon a time my dreams for you were full of joy,

easy dreams.

Mommy dried tears, sunshine and books, friends and laughter.


faith for a life fulfilled.

Now my dreams for you are full of hope

and prayers.

For healing, strength, peace and redemption.


full of fear and sorrow.

Tomorrow I’m afraid I won’t have any dreams for you,

just memories.

Bittersweet, heart breaking and soul wrenching


Shadows of a life half lived.

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One Response to To my daughter

  1. HerBigSad says:

    That is beautiful. You captured my feelings so perfectly!

    I hope your weekend is peaceful and your daughter is calm and able to enjoy the time with you, and vice versa, and most of all, I’m praying that a bed opens up soon, and this is her time, her opportunity where her mind and heart are open and she can accept the tools she needs and learn to use them. God bless!

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